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Offering a fixed fee service, William B. Rose & Associates LLP revolutionises the sector of Employment Law, HR and Health and Safety advice.

Here at WBR, we firmly believe that the generic, “one size fits all” approach adopted by the majority of HR & Employment Law litigators doesn’t do justice for the requirements of the client, which is why we have pioneered our own system.

A Stepping Stone to Development

Instead of charging on a per-hour basis, which encourages clients to cut corners and lawyers to drag their feet, we offer a comprehensive service for a renewable monthly fee. We simplify the lawyer/client relationship by removing the complicated notion of paid time from the equation; this way, we are able to arrive at mutually beneficial solutions that prioritise efficiency and protect investments.

By operating in such a way, we reassure clients that they’re not only protected in the unfortunate event of tribunal, but also that their employees are actively working towards a safer, more profitable organisation overall; through tailored HR & Employment Law advice and health and safety solutions, William B. Rose gives firms a steadfast base on which to grow and evolve.

Cooperative Partnership, Mutual Success

WBR employment lawyers already work with a growing number of firms across a litany of sectors throughout the UK, and find that a business model which places emphasis on partnership is the most successful way to achieve results and exceed targets. We develop long standing relationships with clients and nurture understanding, actively preventing the risk of tribunal in the future.